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T2R Munich

On a sunny May 1st, the global Ticket to Rockstars (T2R) event series we run for adidas, stopped at the DAV climbing and bouldering center Munich North. A total of 369 climbers participated in the inaugural event in the Bavarian capital, including almost 100 children between the ages of 10 and 13, and them, together with their parents, friends and colleagues made the Freimann gym buzz throughout the day. Exciting competitions and powerful moments, crafty routes, fun side competitions, and an all-embracing sense of community, made the adidas Five Ten event presented by GORE-TEX one of its kind.

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Inflight Entertainment

Over the past years, the outdoor films and sports highlight shows we made have truly reached a global audience. Some were broadcast in 190 countries and translated in up to 50 languages. It feels special when you turn on the TV and see your own content on the screen or when you receive messages from friends around the world who have watched a show about your event during their holidays or on a business trip.

After completing Nyami Nyami – the highline project of Lukas Irmler and Reini Fichtinger at the Victoria Falls – Mike walked in at Johannesburg Airport just in time to see the news he had sent out a few hours prior on all of the giant screens. He was so in awe that he even forgot to take a picture. Luckily digitization enables us to access CNN and BBC World news reports that were already aired… Read more

Meet Jan …

It takes an army of highly trained and talented people to make an event like the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships a success. Even after selecting a location and going through the time consuming process of gaining permission from landowners – over 330 kind owners have given permission in the Gastein Valley – there is a huge amount of work that must go into pulling off something of this scale. You need course designers who plan the routes through many kilometers of mountain paths, wooded ways and village streets. You need a highly dedicated and skilled team who makes the whole event tick from start to finish, but in addition to these and a multitude of volunteers, you need a Course and Sweep Manager who is responsible for monitoring the race and ensuring runner safety both before and during the run.

The  role of Course and Sweep Manager is a vital one to guarantee a safe weekend and to ensure that athletes are taken off the course when necessary. For the adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships in 2019 this responsibility will fall on the very capable and broad shoulders of Jan Regenfuss.

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